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Fig Trees



Fig trees are quite hardy and will grow well in most UK gardens.They fruit best when grown in a warm situation -trained as fans on walls or in the open garden in a warm southern or city courtyard .Growing a fig in a container makes them a versatile tree which can be moved around and even stored in a shed for the winter.

Restricting the roots will help keep the tree compact and also force the fig into fruit earlier.

Feed and water are essential when the tree is young or the fruit will drop in summer.

Fruit are borne on last years growth - if you prune it all off = no fruit, only remove tips in early spring before growth starts.

Removing leaves to let sun onto the fruit will help ripen them.

Beware of fig sap it can cause an allergic reaction in sunshine.

The fruit generally ripen in late summer.

Fig Trees Advice on planting pruning and cropping.

Fig Recipes

A-Z of Fig Varieties


FIG CUTTINGS - Fancy rooting your own ? Check out the A-Z list for potential varieties of fig.

We will be shipping fig cuttings for a short period during the dormant season, limited availability on some varieties.  


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